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Maui Community Investigation
into the Lahaina Fire

Help us Investigate

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While the whole Maui community has experienced trauma, recovery and healing is now underway, residents are expressing Aloha and giving support to those impacted by this catastrophe, survivors are asking "how could this happen?

Many of us who live on Maui sense that something is not right and have begun gathering data and testimonies for a full, independent investigation. A number of anomalies and questions have surfaced with many strange associations creating over 50 categories. We are presently gathering data and recording interviews. Weekly we will be updating findings at this tab.

Press tab for Lahaina Documentation

Recovery Efforts by Government, 9/22/2023

A memorial to the many lives lost opens followed by updates on cleanup, opening the site to residents, Red Cross, FEMA, Emergency Response and the mayor's local advisory team.

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Political Action Committee Development

What Caused the Lahaina Fireball: Time to Recover, Educate and Organize


Without warning, Lahaina was ravaged by fire. Residents fled from a virtual fireball of destruction. The death toll is staggering: 115 confirmed dead and 388 unaccounted for, plus many others who had no permanent address. It’s expected that the number of confirmed fatalities will increase. Of the 2,200 structures that were destroyed, 86% were homes. Almost every boat in the harbor burned.

Read about the anomalies and proposed cause of the fire.

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Initiative to Stop Lab-Infected Mosquitos in Hawaii

We are litigating through the state courts and council chambers. We need community awareness and participation to be effective. Can you help in the following way participate.
  • Spread the word, copy and paste memes, see memes and learn the facts.
  • Be more informed to educate others. Go to
  • Promote the events through personal networks and social media
  • Identify options for meeting spaces for large events (200).
  • Add names to our Newsletter mailing list.
  • Donate to help cover costs for promotion, production and travel

There is an uplifting solution to the growing restrictions upon our liberties, providing a different global reset from the one touted by mainstream media. This is a grassroots countermove that peacefully brings about systemic change by focusing on the trigger that catalyzes society’s reset for the common good.

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