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Inspiration, education, strategies and tools to Reclaim our Local Democracy and provide protection and support for the people, environment  and common good

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Reclaim Paradise; Reset for the Common Good

Our global society is facing unprecedented change, termed “The Great Reset” and “The New Normal.” In a societal reframing, what takes hold depends on the path taken. We can Reclaim Paradise on earth or fall deeper into Corporate Rule. Actively engaged in the reset are the corporate elite, we must also actively engage for the Common Good. By focusing on the local trigger for systemic change we can use proven ways to shift it to serve the common good. This is not about anarchy; it is about utilizing the existing system so that it serves the people, instead of supporting corporate greed and the removal of liberties. Maui County’s shift from Corporate Rule to Home Rule provides a template for global system change.

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Book: $20 US + Priority Shipping $8.95 for the United States
Home Rule vs Coporate Rule

Uncovers the formation and development of Corporate Rule in the United States. It provides a deep understanding of the characteristics of this system, and the strategies of the corporate elite. Home Rule vs Corporate Rule identifies our society’s trigger and proven ways to shift it to serve the common good. Home Rule results in a system where community and environmental needs are prioritized over corporate profits and destructive policies. It is a shift from a hierarchical framework of control to the distribution of more power to a localized base. The pandemic has provided a rapid acceleration to enact Corporate Rule. This can also be an acceleration for Home Rule, learn how regions are doing this to create a bright future.

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Book: $20 US + Priority Shipping $8.95 for the United States
The GRASSROUTE GUIDE: A Roadmap to Success

Delivers essential tools and insights to develop and support your thriving grassroots group and accomplish your community goals. As an organizational development consultant for over 36 years, Paul Deslauriers has assisted hundreds of public service groups to find their paths to positive energy and sustained success. The GRASSROUTE GUIDE offers a step-by-step objective, holistic analysis of the personal, structural, and interpersonal patterns that make up your group's culture. The GRASSROUTE GUIDE will help you find the triggers to heal dysfunction in your group, re-establish positive energy and drive you to success.

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Book: $30 US + Priority Shipping $8.95 for the United States
Seven Steps to Reclaim Democracy

Seven steps can reclaim our governance and societal systems, so that they serve the people instead of serving corporate profits. The rewards are enormous: health care and education paid by a just tax system, a reduction in military spending, environmental stewardship, sustainability, a fair justice system, a transparent government, rights to personal privacy, and a society in which diversity thrives. This democracy is not a far-fetched vision, but rather a clear, doable goal that is achievable by using this empowering guide to systemic change. 


Reclaiming Democracy is illustrated by the most popular vacation destination on this planet -- Maui, Hawaii, which many consider a Paradise. However, Maui became a Paradise Lost in the 1800s when the sovereign Hawaiian nation was overthrown and then blanketed by systems designed to enrich the few at the cost of the many. The same system is currently casting its dark shadow over much of this planet.

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Book: $20 US + Priority Shipping $8.95 for the United States
IN THE HIGH-ENERGY ZONE:the Six Characteristics of Highly Effective Groups

This is about what we all long for – what we need and desire most in life.  We look for it everywhere: in our relationships, in our work, in our play, in religion or spirituality, in every arena where we hope for fulfillment. Ironically, though it seems so elusive, it is actually everywhere, all around us, ever available, all the time.  Energy.


We may call it by different names: spirit, passion, enthusiasm, or life force.  We may desire it in different forms: joy, love, health, abundance, well-being, and connectedness.  But it is all energy. Everything consists of energy.  When we speak of energy, we think of an invisible force, without form.  Yet solid objects are intense energy patterns.  What we call “feeling” and “mood” are actually flows of energy.  All human activities and transactions are the result of flows, or exchanges, of energy.  While this concept of energy may seem abstract, unrelated to the practical aspects of daily life and work, it is actually a presence and a factor in everything we do.  It is at the very foundation of all that we do. 

Book: $25 US + Priority Shipping $8.95 for the United States
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Paul Deslauriers’ exciting and motivating action manual - Seven Steps to Reclaim Democracy – is not about launching protests that go nowhere with today’s politicians. It is about replacing them with your elected lawmakers starting at the local and county level where “the 99% have a strong say…all the way to the top.”

If there exists a better book to light this path to electing good public officials, let me know.   Ralph Nader

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