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Maui Community Investigation Archives

Our independent Maui community investigation is rooted in the word forensic: The use of science and technology to investigate and establish facts in criminal or civil courts of law. Our Maui community are providing facts and observation, photos and videos. We have collected a lot of data we are sorting through, more is being added. Help us spread the word.

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The Human Toll

The number of people who died in the fire that swept through Lahaina has dropped from 115 to 97, Maui Police Chief John Pelletier said 9/15.

He also said the number of missing now stands at 31, down from an initial high of over 3,000 people.

What increased the human toll: sirens not going off, police blocking fire exits, children home from closed schools, cell phone service down prior to the fire, electricity down and an overwhelmed fire response.

Fire Anomalies
Facts, pictures clear evidence cannot be ignored and raises questions. Why is steel and glass melted while plastic is untouched. Why are trees burnt from within while the outer bark and even the leaves are untouched? Why are vehicles totally melted while the other half is fine and houses nearby are fine?


Climate and Winds
A constant chant from the day of the fire, "Its Global Warming". Then why do actual temperature records since 1946 dispute those claims. Then they claim the cause for high winds was Hurricane Dora over 500 miles away. Small hurricanes like this one have high winds that extend up to 50 miles from the storm's epicenter. What is happening?


Fire Paths
There were at least 4 separate fires that day with winds up to 80 mph.

Infrastructure Failure
The extensive emergency sirens were silent. There was lack of water pressure to fight the fire. Cell phone service was down before the fire struck. The Hawaii Electric system was poorly maintained and downed lines and transformers sparked dry grass.


Response Efforts
Fire fighters were engaged in a raging fire in Kula some 40 miles away. They were spread thin and the Lahaina fire raged as a fireball. The police response was questionable. some citizen responses were outstanding.


Fire Causes?
Is the cause global warming, Hurricane Dora, dry grass, infrastructure failure, human error, Hawaii Electric, Directed energy weapons? We are investigating, putting out the facts, it is up to you to use common sense.


Personal Testimonies
Residents who survived the fires have stories of forensic significance. We are recording testimonies that provide timelines and anomalies to consider.


Being Developed

Maui Community Investigation into the Lahaina Fire

Categories of data

  1. Resident Testimonies with Forensic Significance

  2. Videos of Actual fire and Aftermath of Destroyed Area

  3. Photographs of burn sites 

  4. Fire Anomalies

  5. Melting metal and glass field samples

  6. Trees burned from inside document and samples

  7. Plastics that remain with surrounding destruction field samples

  8. Blue material and objects that remain with surrounding destruction and spectrum used by high energy weapons

  9. Fires in Hawaii on August 8 time, location and resources used

  10. As many as 37 fires in Maui

  11. Fire timelines and scope

  12. Weather and Wind Anomalies and Claims

  13. Hurricane Dora

  14. Global warming

  15. White coating and haze in sky before fires

  16. Strange cloud formations as winds increased

  17. HARP generated win

  18. Fire Response and Evacuation

  19. Interviews firefighters and first responders,

  20. Response by the fire department numbers of fire trucks and fire personnel to the various Maui fires including time and duration

  21. Rescue efforts for people along shoreline and water, the number of bodies found in the water and beaches.

  22. Police blocking exit who made decisions and carried it o

  23. Infrastructure Failures

  24. Sirens not going off, no early warning

  25. What happened to the water during the fire

  26. School shut down, children at home

  27. No cell phone service. Electricity shut off before fires started

  28. Human Toll

  29. Body count and location of remains

  30. Age groups and Ethnicity Autopsy information

  31. Accurate accounting of the children

  32. Protocol

  33. Normal established protocol for disaster

  34. Deviations and by what organization

  35. Police Chief serving as County Coroner

  36. Fire Causes

  37. Global Warming

  38. Hurricane Dora

  39. Combustibility of dry grass in high wind conditions

  40. Hawaii electric contribution to the fire and lack of maintenance

  41. Directed High Energy Weapons

  42. Land Claims

  43. Follow the process. Is the government, investors, developers or the residents determining Lahaina’s future

  44. Land recovery process and timeline

  45. Money and Politics

  46. Legislation from the state and federal government related to disasters and historical sites. Governor Greens bill two weeks before the fire

  47. Track money from donations and government agencies

  48. Track Hawaiian leadership using recovery FEMA money

  49. Legal status and recent laws pass to claim the Lahaina property and not comply with historic district restrictions.

  50. Fire Similarities

  51. Fire anomalies and relationship to other recent global fires

  52. Global Picture

  53. Smart Cities,

  54. Governor Green at UN

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