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The Maui Community Investigation is a grassroots Maui organization with two primary objectives: Be a Lahaina fire information repository / hub and organize to take strategic action.

We are a repository of data, pictures, videos, and testimonies of forensic significance for the recent Lahaina Maui fires (there were two separate fires on August 8), presented for easily searchable access.

Our Maui community is navigating through shock and trauma while moving forward toward recovery. Many people – local and elsewhere - are asking, how could this happen? The destruction is mind blowing and the range of suggested causes don’t account for a troubling number of odd anomalies that remain unexplained. A significant number of residents sense that something is wrong.

Local researchers started gathering data early on. This has evolved into the official Maui Community Investigation which has become a community repository of data that encompasses over 50 categories. Our goal is to provide facts and evidence for our global community to consider. Many people justifiably lack trust in our government to run a just investigation. By making data available to the public, openly and transparently, we change that playbook.

Our second objective is to turn awareness and passion into action through strategies directed toward systemic change. The Reclaim Democracy Project provides a wide range of support and resources for exactly this, including guidance for civic action and how to elect representatives who serve the people and environment. The Project provides hands-on strategies, educational materials, skill building and organizational development for grassroots political action committees in communities everywhere.

Thank you for joining in to help expose the truth, organize, and bring about systemic change.

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